The BiVictriX Team

Tiffany Thorn

Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany is the inventor of the Bi-Cygni® approach and has led the Company since its formation, meeting key project milestones and securing £2.3m in investment to date. ​

​As a HCPC registered Clinical Immunologist, Tiffany has experience of diagnosing and treating haematological malignancies within a clinical setting in the NHS and was awarded the Chief Scientific Officer’s ‘Rising Star’ Award for her commitment to the delivery of healthcare.

​Tiffany has a strong background in the ADC sector as previous Head of Therapeutic Development at ADC Biotechnology Ltd, gaining vital experience of key trends in this field.

“BiVictriX is addressing the current challenges of immunotherapeutic approaches in AML,such as lack of selective targets and life-threatening side-effects”

Glyn EDwards, Executive chairman

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