Our vision is to revolutionise cancer therapy for the most difficult to treat cancers, making curative treatments available to all


Who We Are

Founded in 2016, and derived from frontline clinical experience, BiVictriX is a rapidly emerging biotechnology company applying a novel approach to develop safer, more effective cancer therapies

We have developed our Bi-Cygni® therapeutics, which are uniquely selective for particular cancer types, to enable higher dosing and more aggressive cancer eradication without causing harmful side-effects

We apply state of the art techniques to identify combinations of cancer-specific targets for both solid and liquid tumors

“BiVictriX is addressing the current challenges of immunotherapeutic approaches in AML, such as lack of selective targets and life-threatening side-effects”

Glyn EDwards, Executive chairman
Tiffany Thorn - Founder & CEO

Our People

We are building a team focused on rapidly bringing game-changing treatments for patients forward at a vital time


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