• Founded in 2016, and derived from frontline clinical experience, BiVictriX is a rapidly emerging biotechnology company applying a novel approach to develop safer, more effective cancer therapies.

Our Novel Approach To Cancer Therapy


By identifying cancer cells, we can avoid hitting healthy cells with treatment

high potency

This enables a much higher dose of treatment to be safely given

more effective

Enabling more effective anti-cancer treatment without harmful side-effects

OUR Bi-Cygni® Therapeutics make this possible

Game-changing cancer therapeutics are urgently needed

Our lead program is focused on Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). AML is the most aggressive form of blood cancer and is notoriously difficult to detect and treat. Most patients are diagnosed late when their cancer has already progressed and often present with challenging co-morbidities, making successful treatment problematic.
  • Survival rates for this cancer remain dismally low; one of the lowest across all cancers
  • Most next generation therapeutic approaches are failing to deliver in this area due to extreme toxicity
  • This has resulted in no significant breakthroughs in patient outcomes for decades
Patient ImagePatient Image
Our Science

Bi-Cygni® Therapeutics

Our Bi-Cygni® therapeutics are designed to attack cancer cells while avoiding healthy cells, thus significantly reducing toxicity for patients
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Our Lead Candidate


BVX001 has the potential to address the key unmet need in AML, enabling safer and more effective therapeutics across all patient groups
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